The Child Advocacy Center of Oswego County offers the following services on-site:

Forensic Interviews

Forensic interviews are non-duplicative, non-leading neutral interviews with the victim conducted by investigative team members. Interviews are held at the center in a specially designed room which allows for observation by other members of the multidisciplinary team. Using best practices for interviewing, the victim recounts their experience just once, reducing potential for further trauma. In order for a child to be interviewed a call must be made to law enforcement or the Department of Social Services.







Medical Exams

The Child Advocacy Center partners with the HOPE program, operated by Cheryl Martin-Schroeder, NP to provide child sensitive, non-invasive medical exams to collect evidence and safeguard children’s health after abuse has occurred or is suspected. The nurse practitioner is the only CHAMP trained nurse in Oswego County.

Victim Advocacy

Victim Advocacy is a free service provided to all child victims and their families. The Victim Advocates assist family members through the duration of their case including the investigation, prosecution and recovery processes. The advocates assist with filing a NYS Crime Victims Application for any one who has been the victim of a crime. This application can provide monetary reimbursement to families. Victim Advocates collaborate with all multidisciplinary team members and act as liaisons between the team members and families.

Mental Health Services

The Victim Intervention Mental Health Counseling Program at the Child Advocacy Center provides individual, group and family therapy to child victims of physical and sexual abuse, child witnesses to violence, and children who are drug endangered or severely neglected/maltreated. The program employs credentialed and Licensed Mental Health Professionals, who have received specialized training in treating children who have survived a traumatic experience.



PROTECT is a support group for non-offending parents
and caregivers of children who have experienced a trauma or
have been exposed to risky or unsafe situations.
This group runs for 10 weeks.
Flyer April 2017